DaVinci’s 3D Lounge

In the spirit of Leonardo Da Vinci, Da Vinci’s 3D Lounge is a social gathering place where you can learn how to create & share your art or invention while inspiring others to do the same. With the combination of modern technology & old school craftsmanship, anything is possible at Da Vinci’s 3D Lounge.

  • 3D Printing $25 per hr
  • Virtual Reality $25 per hr
  • 3D Scanning $25 per hr
  • Apprentice Membership $36 month
  • Craftsman Membership $48 month
  • Master Membership $56 month
  • Alex Lorenzo Alex Lorenzo is from West Palm Beach Florida and is the President of ALLAXIS 3D Printers. He has over 33 years of 3D Computer Aided Design experience. One of his many passions is sharing his expert knowledge with others!